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Step 1
Pick a destination


Scanning the QR code will show this text.

Phone Call

Scanning the QR code will call this number.

Phone Call

Scanning the QR code will send message to the phone number.

Contact Information

Your QR code will save this contact to the phone scanning.

Phone Call

Scanning the QR code will send whatsapp message to the phone number.



Scanning the QR code will connect to WI-FI.

Payments QR Code

Take payments using QR codes.


Share PDF Document inside you QR Code

App Store & Play Store QR Code

Download apps Android & iOS

Image Gallery QR Code

Share multiple images inside your QR Code.

Video QR Code

Share a video inside your QR Code.

Social link

Booking Calendar QR Code

Take bookings from a single link your customers can access via QR code or NFC.

Menu QR Code

Create a digital menu through which your customers can take orders and payments.
Step 2
Customise it


Background color

Transparent Background

Dots color



Use custom marker color

Marker border color

Marker center color

Shape & Form


Marker border

Marker center

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QR lab's QR creator makes QR codes with a difference

Most QR codes are static. If any of the data changes, the QR code has to change. But QR lab allows you to create dynamic QR codes with the ability to change the link or data that the QR code points to. Dynamic QR codes also enable you to see detailed statistics on scans and scanners of your QR codes.

Why QR Lab?

Learn the applications to your space

Take payments

Have your customers scan a QR code to pay any designated amount for their products or services.

Receive bookings

A powerful calendar on which customers can making bookings appears instantly after the QR code is scanned.

Manage expiry dates

Scan a QR code to keep track of your usage dates and when your products or items are expiring.

Create digital menus

QR-code linked digital menus proven to increase average order volumes and values.

Business growth

QR codes are transforming businesses and processes everywhere

QRLab’s technology is changing the way businesses operate and the results are clear.


Higher average transaction value.


Increased order volume.


Greater customer satisfaction.


Faster table turnaround.

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